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wht girl n me want ?
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 @ Wednesday, June 11, 2014

my birthday is past 2 month ago , n tmrrw i wanna celebrte my birthday with my boyfriend yippy ! just about his birthdays on 22 june so we both decided to celebrate out birthday tgether. what colour of hijab i want to wear tmrrw , mybe green ? mybe.. pink ? too much girly hihi , thank you my man bcause u wanna come here just to take my heart back after we've been thru much fight since semester brake.  im so sorry cant take my emotional on dat time, so i decided to brake up with you eventhough i dont want too, and i cry over it so stupid me. but u never gave up to call me every minute n scnd just to make sure im okay or not, morning n night u keep texting me .that was the worst fight we ever had baby, n im sure it will never seprte us again ,promise ? :3 i know sometimes i not being a real me n always get upset over your fmly problems, but i just need some of your attention, others man cant do wht u did to me now n no one can replace you . i cannot deny it . its truth. i see ya big smilling hihihi :* so lets start new chapter in june shall we baby ? so u wondering wht present you got for ya birthday haa? well since its not past yet so its a secret. you telling me that u want give me everything haa since u broke ur promises , ihih

this is some kind or sort of girls want whn her birthday, so if you out of idea mybe this gift would be the best for u to give to your woman , i mean she will nver regret it . 100% sure hahaha, she will squeeze it bcause u know girls, after one minute u go home she will dfnately miss you so give a teddy bear can make her calm n more love you .giving her rosses or flowers can make her happier thn u tought , real flowers or plastic one ? u chose it not me hahaha, u can give her a bouqet of flowers or only one .depends on ur badget, expcially whn u celeb the first of annversary or her birthday , give her n show her somethng that out of mind.

dont u know that girls is sweet teeth, which means that she
likes sweet foods, doughnouts n cupcakes some choclte cake or ya who knows, only a cupcake with one cndle on top of will make her surprise, bro surprise her can ? dont only just text n wish that on phone you need to go out n plan something to surprise her bcause who gonna celebrte for her? she 18 n above and she have you. so, make she smile again and be her number one top boyfriend you know wht i mean ? or u just sitting n reading while eat some potatoes crisp? fck you . haha no im just joking . but hey , imma girl and i know wht in her heart, i want all this too :O its fact ! who doesnt wnt her baby give surprise? she always make u smile like whole day... appriciate her . not only she can make those surprise for you , you have to do it tooo. 

last but not least, i suggest u to give her something that both of u can wear it, if you undrstand. something that can make others know that she is yours. couple shirt mybe ? or bracelet or rings, u can have it . but promise that both of u will keep safe it n take good care of it, not only a side wear those things, but both of you must wear it. choose together. make it simple n not hard or shiny if u know wht i mean . so good luck to try this !

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