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waiting 8th month
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 @ Tuesday, April 15, 2014

hai babies, so im counting days 

3 days for semester breaks !
2 days for 8 month annversry
a week for my birthday

jadinya, masa berlalu begitu pantas just like "zaaappp" "shiuuuuuuu" i donno what its suppose to sound like hahaha but, im happy . why happy? because i still in relationship w/ my baby boy haziq and yeah . semesters break wanna start babyeahhhh~ get out you semester 1 pfttt. im kiddin' . tinggal  dua paper for final semestinya math dan elektrik dan aku tak stdy lagi . ehem. so packing sikit sikit so dad gonna pick me up on friday. gonna miss my roomates and my room :*

and soooooooo, mengira hari untuk 8 bulan dengan budak kecil yang gedik itu , dia berada di Klang sekarang sedang bergelumang dengan selimut serta bantal busuk dia yang phewww berbatu jauhnya dah boleh bau . tak gitu ? yang selalu tidur awal setiap malam,yang kena pillow talk sebelum dia tertidur sebab nanti dia kena sawan kalau tak on call hihik :3 ouh, i already miss him right now . back to story, dear baby. i wish you and me . yes you ! will happy till the end eventhough i always start a fight. yeahh you know me . selalu ajak gaduh then sendiri rindu .what ppl says " bro, you didnt gonna make it with her" ohh screwed up those words right ? miracle happend upon us . i start loving you everyday. day by day. i want you to marry me. would you ? 

and then, my birthday on 22 april 2014 , as usual. no one celabrate it :D how am i gonna describe it? none of them ever celabrate my birthday . i didnt get surprises didnt get any present at all. im use to it and im okay . so i can pretend for these birthday next week like usual . sleep .

so happy holiday ppl. lots of love :))

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