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welcome 5th month
Sunday, 26 January 2014 @ Sunday, January 26, 2014

assalamualaikum :)

hi dearest readers.
    5th month now past, walk slowly to get near 6th month . my heart start beating so fast waiting a year relationship. its starts hoping from 18/8/2013 until now . two heart stick together and promises keep around those lovers. every problems that came doesnt make us weaker. eventhough sometimes the girl felt in the middle of their journey but the boy still holding hand and hoping everything is gonna be alright. every drops of tears he count. until now his parents disagree the relationship between them. but, nevermind someday they will start believing.

dear boyfriend,
     have you seen this?

"relationship is not a test, so why cheat?" 

still remember that the girl always asking you.. what happend if we live together only two of us? it must be fun.. she always asking everytime. she always wanted to do with her boyfriend. holding hands, sleep together laughing . joking like no ones will judge them . but someday.... the girl..

    what if im gone ... 
    whose gonna look after him...
    whose gonna wake him up...
    where he wanna tell his problem...

hoping that he gonna be fine with some girl that can replace her place. with smiles i do wanna stay with you but.... its not our destiny.

please dont sleep nor close your eyes.. because that boy afraid that you wont wake up .

why you still love him?
        she answered. why you love your's ? 
why you do everything for him?
        she just laughing and staring up upon the sky . theres something that u wouldnt know.

he never ever gaves up on me . 
he slept over just because study hard for our future
he wont cheating w/ another girls .
he cares me more .
      what goes to me, he will take over .

     she just cried . silently .
if i can see his pain . what he going through ? 
if i can touch his face . for no reason .
if i can be beside him whenever i like ..
if i.....

     that time passed by ,
                             tick tock
                       tick tock
                                  tick tock

when he sleeping, she just staring holding his hand. 
     everything is unfair baby .
  why ppl cant understand us like you do ?

                                                                        to him. secretly

do you see how much i need you beside me ? i count the step that you take when you walk away .
muhammad haziq please stay. the futher you go.. the more i have to face this pain. the more it keep bleeding on my hand. when you left , everything is empty . 

you have my heart,
   you go?

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