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what i do when im sad ?
Wednesday, 21 August 2013 @ Wednesday, August 21, 2013

erm i always feel sad kot hahaha so theres so many thing i do when i cried i sad i felt so shit *ambik note and pen*

  1. i wears earphone and hear slow english song in night
  2. when someone talk to me i just keep quiet and look at 'em and walk away
  3. sketch something on papper
  4. hear song on vol.10 and rapping like fuck everybody xD
  5. mad at people with low voice
  6. usha-ing tumblr and cry a lot
  7. eat eat eat di sana ada food disini ada food
  8. tweeting like im the one who pegang TL
  9. rapping eminem song like whorrr berbelit lidah jadi tikar mengkuang
  10. find my friends and tells them i was so sad
  11. bad mood in the moorning but happy go lucky in the afternoon cause my friends semua mereng
  12. tries to look back old text *pakyu campak phone*
  13. tarik ekor kucing bila dia nak memanja
  14. pehh cry a lot hugging pillow
  15. mengamuk sendiri in bedroom

i think banyak lagi kot but ini je yang mampu nak taip :3 herm biasa lah bila kita tengah murung then datang seorang annoying person tries to make kita chill but tak kena ayat , pffttttt rasa macam nak rodok muka dia dengan stokin budak sekolah form 1 -..- cakap siang pandang pandang ahh cakap malam bisik bisik wahaha k tak lawak.

sometimes heartbreak is the most hurt thing what me and all of you felt

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