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saddy day
Tuesday, 4 June 2013 @ Tuesday, June 04, 2013

it was a strong day to ME . the biggest day with big mega problem come bite my mind and my trust . yesterday i felt like i want to leave all this but its too mainstream cause i love him but ... i didnt know who i should trust what i should trust cause all this is too hard . why keeping that secret . why this mess come screw up our relationship . whyyyy ? ya allah if you gave all this test to me :') i accept with open heart eventhough its hurt , my small heart having damn it and need to be fix . i know but it seems hes not guilty, hes not mine yet, people fall love whoever they want , but but i love him only :'| i cant eat for two days thinking bout this . what a bitch is this thing ? relationship only have 2 people but hahaha some bitch didnt knew how to count . i just want to punch her right in the face . i know im a talkative girl . being nice with other boys maybe its punishment for me for all this, maybe its my mistake, maybe i should not to maybe i havent do that maybe i must do this maybe maybe i should jump from window ,

i want this they has been together from little full of imagination , hemmm if i near to you :') i will give my time to you, being with you like she did to you , she love you more . but i love you more than you know like all planet that spinning in their orbit will get sunshine , sometime the dark came and sometime the shine came :') im strong you know... even all this stuff make my heat crack sooooooooo much :') but i knew the truth will come , the bad will loose . allah i know im not good for him but i pray to you . i want him so bad . he so kind to me he the one and only, maybe it took time for all this for trust him again to smile , day by day it will get better right ? :""""""""") no metter how he treat me or lie to me , i will stand here wait him and gave support . if i can put my tears in bottle, maybe its gonna be 15 bottles haha . :')

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