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happp happp happpyyyyy birthdayyyyyy
Monday, 22 April 2013 @ Monday, April 22, 2013

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yeahhh today 22 of april year 2013, thank you Allah for giving me a chance today eventhough im not celebrating it today, thats not what i want (: i just wanna thank to my mom for giving a birth, the only daughter that she have . banyak benda yang aku wish harini hahahahaha *diam lah*
malam tadi ada yang wish nyanyi lagu cina , ada yang mainkan gitar tapi tak cukup tali hahaha ada yang bagi kat wassap , ada yang bagi chat padahal duduk serumah haha puihh puihh, ada yang kena pakse bagi wish (ibu) :P sooo apa maknanya? takda maknanyaaa haha , k k tak lawak . sometimes people keep asking "hey why you not celebrating your birthday?" hello, i dont give a S H I T .i want celeb it... but.. emhh nevermind , but who cares? :D its just a date date spin every year right? if im dead next year bye bye that all i can say , haaahhh! i trick u mudda fucka.. 

being eighteen on 22/4 its todayyyyyy muda fucka hahahaha ! im bigger now getting so cantik haha *retak cermin* 

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